Photos of New Tangled Area at Magic Kingdom
A new area themed after the 2010 animated feature film Tangled opened at Magic Kingdom this week. Besides restrooms, the highly themed area also features stroller parking, a picnic area with charging stations for electronic devices.
The new Tangled restrooms are located at the location of the old Skyway Terminal between Haunted Mansion and It’s A Small World. The area turned out beautifully, with Rapunzel’s Tower looking over some colorful buildings and water features. tangled-1 tangled-2 tangled-3- tangled-4 tangled-5 tangled-6 tangled-7 tangled-8 tangled-9 tangled-10 tangled-11 tangled-12 tangled-13 tangled-14 tangled-15 tangled-16 tangled-17 tangled-18 The seating area has outlets to charge your phone or other electronic device. They are hidden inside the tree stumps. tangled-19 tangled-20 tangled-21 tangled-22